Evasion 7.0.5 jailbreak update

evasion updated to jailbreak iOS 7.0.5. Download evasion 1.0.5 for untethered jailbreak iOS 7.0.5

MuscleNerd tweeted about iOS 7.0.5 update

@MuscleNerd has tweeted several status updates since the release of iOS 7.0.5 but still he has not expressed to update iOS 7.0.5. according to this tweet he will definitely update the evasion tool for support jailbreaking iOS 7.0.5. eagerly wait for updated evasion version.
At early stages of iOS 7.0.5 release, only Chinese users got prompted to update. But now it has starting to visible for US users too. but better to stay away from updating for now.

iOS 7.0.5 evasi0n jailbreak

Apple released their latest iOS 7.0.5 version yesterday. Evasion7 1.0.5 version supports for untethered Jailbreak up to iOS 7.0.4 but still evad3rs has not confirmed the compatibility of evasion 1.0.5 with iOS 7.0.5.

This iOS version released while iOS 7.1 beta versions are going under experiments and still onl;y available to developers. But iOS 7.0.5 is a public version so you will be asked to update your device or you can upgrade your device into the latest version of iOS 7.0.5 through native updating options of device.

Upgraded to iOS 7.0.5 accidentally

iOS 7.0.5 seems to be only have bug fixes other than any improvements of iOS systems. Mainly they have focused on troubleshooting errors of Chinese networks. SO it's recommended to refrain from this upgrading to iOS 7.0.5 unless you have essential factors to do so. because it may cause you to trap in a unjailbreakble iOS version as same as lots of people trapped in iOS 6.1.3 update.

Safe to upgrade iOS 7.0.5?

But some of reputed iOS hackers has predicted that this iOS 7.0.5 version will be jailbreak with evasion with a little improvement of Evasi0n 1.0.5 tool since there's nothing seems changes to the exploits. But surely Apple wiraise their security with iOS 7.1 when they release it to public. so it's highly recommended not to upgrade iOS 7.1 when it released to the public until a real untethered jailbreak tool coming out.

We will bring you the updated evsion tool once it has been improved to jailbreak iOS 7.0.5. stay away from scammy and fake jailbreak sellers who deemed to jailbreak iOS 7.0.5 until then.

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